Quota agitators should show more patience: PM

Rtv online report
|  14 May 2018, 00:00 | Update : 14 May 2018, 18:45
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said, I have earlier said that there will be no quota. Since then, ultimatum and threat for movement are also being given. There is no logic for that. We will do it. But should it be done at once? It needs time to do that. Since then it is excess to give threat. The agitators should show more patience.

The premier said these in informal discussion after holding cabinet meeting. A source from the meeting told this.

The source said that Commerce Minister Tofael Ahmed discussed about quota reform issue in the informal meeting.

Seeking the Prime Minister’s attention Tofael Ahmed said, certain quarters are spreading confusion regarding the quota issue. He also requested her to think about the matter whether it may be done faster.

The Prime Minister at that time said, I have given my decision over the quota issue earlier. Then why the movement should take place demanding gazette of quota reformation? It will take time to implement the quota issue.

She said, threat of stalling everything for the demand of gazette, what is this? It has no logic. We have given our decision. But time may need to implement the decision. But it is excess to give threat, to give ultimatum regarding this.

Meanwhile, the general students and job seekers have blocked the Shahbag intersection demanding gazette of quota reformation in government recruitment process as per declartion by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. They took their position in Shahbag intersection from 1 pm.

Two joint conveners of Bangladesh General Students Rights Protection Council Nurul Haque Nur and Mohammad Rashed Khan have said that the blockade will go until the gazette is published.


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