Eid ul Fitr on Friday in Saudi Arabia

Rtv online report
|  14 Jun 2018, 00:00 | Update : 14 Jun 2018, 23:43
Declarations for celebrating Eid ul Fitr on Friday were given in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Indonesia, USA and Singapore. The state authorities of the concerned countries declared this as moon for the month of Shawal was sighted there.

But the state authorities of neighboring countries India and Pakistan have informed that the moon was not sighted there. Indian government has officially declared to celebrate the Eid on Saturday.

To fix the date of Eid ul Fitr in Bangladesh the national moon sighting committee will hold a meeting at the Islamic Foundation meeting room in Baitul Mokarram on Friday evening.

The Islamic Foundation has requested for information regarding sighting of the moon of Shawal month in the given numbers: 9559493, 9559643, 9555947, 9556407 and 9558337.


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