No driver can drive more than five hours continuously: PM

Rtv online report
|  25 Jun 2018, 00:00 | Update : 25 Jun 2018, 17:08
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina ordered concerned authorities to take measures for preventing road accidents.

She passed the order in the cabinet meeting presided over by her at the secretariat on Monday.

After the meeting Cabinet Secretary Mohamad Shafiul Alam delivered the information in a press briefing.

Citing different instructions of the Prime Minister to prevent road accidents the Cabinet Secretary said, she gave instructions for providing training for drivers and helpers. Substitute driver should be kept on long route. No driver can drive more than five hours continuously.

Upholding Prime Minister’s directions Shafiul Alam said, roadside rest room should be built. Risky road crossing should be stopped.

He said, where there are road signals those should be maintained. Passengers and drivers should fasten their seat belts.

Prime Minister also ordered Home Minister, Road Transport and Bridges Minister and Shipping Minister to take decision after discussing the matter.

He said, in this regard a draft law is under process in the law ministry. These directions will be implemented before passing the law.

Shafiul Alam said, discussion took place in the meeting on pretext of a number of deaths following road accidents after Eid. Besides, the draft of Fertilizer Management Amendment Act-2018 was approved. There the punishment was increased for production, marketing and selling of fertilizer without registration.

In the existing law there was provision of punishment for six months jail and 30 thousand taka fines. In the proposed law the provision is kept for two years jail and five lakh taka fines.

In the meeting the draft of National Performance Development Authority Act-2008 was also approved.


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