‘Don’t blame by not realizing’

Rtv online report
|  26 Jun 2018, 00:00 | Update : 26 Jun 2018, 22:09
Seals were given on the ballot papers after occupying more than hundred polling centers- following such allegation from BNP mayoral candidate Hasan Uddin Sarkar the Awami League mayoral aspirant Jahangir Alam said, he (Hasan) is an honorable person, I would request him not to blame by not realizing the situation. I requested him, let us do something for people by not making complain.

He said these to the newsmen at his residence on Tuesday night.

Jahangir Alam said, he is an honorable person but it would not be fair to say something without realizing. He cast his vote in a center and I had also. He has a birth place that I have. He is older than me. He knows his good and bad sides. Also knows my good and bad sides. So we have to go realizing the matters.

When asked about whether he will win the election or not, Jahangir said, certainly. So far I have known from the center of my own and other adjacent centers from the unofficial counting. But I have to wait till scrutinize and final results. There are rules and I want to obey the rules. I am expressing my thanks to the inhabitants of Gazipur. They voted me as their son.

To the party leaders and workers he said, I have a request to them. There is joy of winning. They must express joy but should not hurt anybody being over excited.


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