List being prepared to send back Rohingyas

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|  29 Dec 2017, 00:00 | Update : 29 Dec 2017, 17:45
Bangladesh has taken an initiative for listing down the Rohingya to send them back to Myanmar. Rohingya repatriation affairs commissioner of Bangladesh government in Cox’s Bazar will prepare the list in this connection. The responsibility was given in a meeting of national taskforce on Rohingya affairs held in Dhaka on Thursday. Reports BBC.

According to the United Nations information, nearly six and half lakh Rohingyas fled Myanmar and took shelter in Bangladesh since August this last.

Foreign Secretary Shahidul Haque told BBC that the list will be prepared as soon as possible. But he did not mention when the send back process would start.

The Foreign Secretary said that to send Rohingyas back to Myanmar emphasis will be given on their will.

Shahidul Haque said, we will send a lot information at first. When Myanmar would say that they are the inhabitants of Myanmar after verifying it then we will ask the families that Myanmar government has agreed to take you back, are you willing to return? Then the send back process will start after the consent procedures.

The Foreign secretary highlighted that for the return of Rohingyas Bangladesh wants to send a huge number information to Myanmar at first.

There is news in the several media that Bangladesh wants to send a list of one lakh Rohingyas at first. But the Foreign Secretary said, this type of number is based on just a guess.

He mentioned that earlier in 1992 Bangladesh sent a list of 50 thousand Rohingyas to Myanmar government for sending them back.

When the send back process will start? Answering to this question he said, we want to begin the process as soon as possible. Let’s see.

The Foreign Secretary said that Myanmar government gave a form to Bangladesh. The government is trying to provide the information required in the form.

According to the UN nearly six and half lakh Rohingyas fled Myanmar into Bangladesh since August last. More over nearly one lakh Rohingyas also came to the country in October last year. In the last 14 months total seven and half lakh Rohingyas took shelter in Bangladesh.

Meanwhile, UN Deputy High Commissioner for Human Rights Kate Gilmore expressed doubt over the understanding between Bangladesh and Myanmar for sending back Rohingyas.

In an interview with BBC she said, before sending back the refugees to Myanmar it should be realized that whether they would fall victim of violence or repression again.

She also expressed concern over the memorandum of understanding between Bangladesh and Myanmar which is the base of Rohingya send back process.   


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