Quota reform will be but not violating High Court order: PM

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|  12 Jul 2018, 00:00 | Update : 12 Jul 2018, 20:25
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said, the freedom fighter quota is preserved in the government service following court order. It is not possible to violate the court verdict. If that is done than we would be under allegation of contempt of court. There will be quota reformation but not violating the High Court verdict.  

Leader of the house and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said these while delivering her concluding speech in the 21st session of 10th national parliament on Thursday.

Sheikh Hasina said, those who vandalized and torched the residence of DU VC are being arrested. They will not be spared even would do movement. This cannot be tolerated. Government will take action against those who created violence in educational institutions.  

The Prime Minister said, what they want in the quota reform movement? Repeatedly were asked but could not tell properly. Our Liberation War Affairs Minister on Wednesday said that freedom fighter quota exists after court verdict. The High Court verdict said that the quota will be preserved in the existing system. How can we violate the High Court verdict?

She said, how can we discard court verdict? We are not able to do that. After meeting the quota if there is any vacancy then those will be filled up through merit basis. The process is continuing for the last several years.

Sheikh Hasina said, all parties including the opposition party in the parliament will participate in the next national parliament election. Efforts will go on maintaining the continuation of development to place the country in a dignified stage in the world.

In the concluding speech opposition leader in the house Rowshan Ershad urged the Prime Minister to look into the matter of quota reformists with sympathy.


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