Consider the matter of quota with sympathy: Rowshan to PM

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|  12 Jul 2018, 00:00 | Update : 12 Jul 2018, 21:55
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Leader of the opposition parties in parliament Rowshan Ershad requested Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to consider the demand of quota reformation with the vision of sympathy.

Her request to the head of government came in at the concluding speech in the budget session in the parliament on Thursday.

Rowshan Ershad said, there is much confusion among the students over quota. They are the children of us. They may insist. They will seek job. They should be provided jobs. Consider the matter of quota reformation with sympathy.

She said, there are about 5 crore jobless people in the country. Measures should be taken for their employment. Drugs are expanding in the country as they have no work. Effective measures should be taken to drive out the present condition in education sector. Specially measures should be taken to prevent question leak.

On the recent passed budget she said, there is no incentive in the budget. Tax was reduced for the bank looters. Looting is taking place in the banking sector. There is no alternative to establish good governance. There is no alternative of reformation to stop anarchy in the banking sector. 16 lakh people closed their bank accounts.

About traffic congestion the opposition leader said, traffic is halted when President and Prime Minister move on the roads. To ease the situation it becomes night. No chance to move on other roads. All roads are broken in the rain. Everybody knows that but nobody dare to say.

Rowshan Ershad demanded change of duration of fiscal year and said, in Britain fiscal year begins in April and in United States it is in October. In Bangladesh it may begin in January-April according to the weather.


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