92 percent water polluted in Bangladesh: World Bank

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|  11 Oct 2018, 00:00 | Update : 11 Oct 2018, 16:56
92 percent water used in Bangladesh is polluted. The information came through the World Bank research papers published on Thursday at a hotel in the capital.

The organization said, in the country E coli bacteria is remaining in 41 percent drinking water and 13 percent water is arsenic contaminated. Though 52 percent water is supplied through pipelines in the cities but it is not purified properly.

The other name of pure water is life, on the other hand most of the death of human being happen due to polluted water.

The World Bank said, extreme crisis is going on in Bangladesh for pure water. Tube well and surface- all sources of water are at risk at the moment.

World Bank Senior Economist George Josef said, Bangladesh has to face the dire consequences if people are not made conscious about safe sources of pure water at the moment.

State Minister for Water Resources Mohammad Nazrul Islam said, different initiatives have been taken to ensure supply of pure water throughout the country.

World Bank thinks that Bangladesh’s economic prosperity will be more dynamic if management for pure water and healthy sanitation system is further developed.


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