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Bangladesh ahead of India-Pakistan

Rtv online desk
|  11 Oct 2018, 00:00 | Update : 11 Oct 2018, 18:17
Bangladesh is ahead of India in human resource development. It is also ahead of Pakistan. The information came through the World Bank’s Human Capital Index (HCI).

The organization said, at the moment Bangladesh is ahead of India and Pakistan in human resource development. But Sri Lanka is on the top position among the South Asian countries.

The index was made using the five criteria. Those are- mortality rate of children less than five years, children’s average school going period, quality of education, survival rate of adult till 60 years and children’s growing up at the right size.

In the index Africa’s poor countries are at the bad position. Chad and South Sudan are at the last position among 157 member states of the World Bank.

Through this index the World Bank tries to understand the children’s productivity and possible income through justifying their opportunity for education, health service and ability to survive.

The report said, a child after growing up in an ideal condition getting full opportunities of education and health services the productivity should reach at the desired stage after being adult, but the productivity rate would be 48 percent if he or she is born in Bangladesh.

Among the South Asian countries, the rate is 44 percent in India, 39 percent in Pakistan, 58 percent in Sri Lanka and 49 percent in Nepal.

Among the top ranking countries, Singapore’s rate is 88 percent, 84 percent in Japan and South Korea.

The rate is 80 percent in Canada, 79 in Germany, 78 percent in UK, 76 percent in USA and France, 73 percent in Russia, 67 percent in China, 63 percent in Turkey and 56 percent in Brazil.

In the bottom the rate is 29 percent for Chad and 30 percent for South Sudan.


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