AL festive in election campaign, BNP silent

Maidur Rahman Rubel
|  12 Oct 2018, 00:00 | Update : 12 Oct 2018, 17:18
Though the ruling party is festive centering the eleventh national parliament election but not an iota remains in BNP regarding this. Awami League is busy with election campaign throughout the country. On the other hand being trapped in the web of cases BNP leaders and activists are busy to produce them before one court to another. The BNP leaders are complaining that such campaign of the ruling party after taking the state facilities before declaring the election schedule is a clear violation of election code of conduct.

Keeping ahead the national election the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is seeking votes for ‘boat’ after joining public gatherings held at different districts in the country. The traditional party has begun it formal election campaign in the capital at the beginning of this month.

Although election posters and billboards of Awami League are shining in the towns and cities but there is no heat of election in the opposition BNP tent. AL leaders are seeking votes through posters. On the other hand posters of BNP leaders and activists are hanging with appeals to get relief from the cases.

BNP standing committee member Barrister Moudud Ahmed said, staying in power AL is doing their election campaign easily. Being in power they are enjoying many facilities. But BNP also is taking preparation for election. Now people will judge if BNP is not allowed to come in election campaign. Thus AL’s popularity will decrease. Votes will be dropped at a lesser number in the vote boxes for them.

But BNP senior leaders said that this type of election campaign before declaring the election schedule is violation of Election Commission regulations. They also complained that as they are the ruling party the commission over looks their wrongdoings.

BNP standing committee member Dr. Abdul Moyeen Khan said, the date for election is yet to be fixed. But AL is continuing their election campaign. They have covered every place with posters. Does Election Commission raise a single question why they are continuing election campaign undermining the rules?    

They said that every party should be given equal opportunity to make the election free, fair and impartial. Otherwise, the BNP leaders think that the election will lose acceptability.


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