Experimental gas extraction in Bhola begins

Bhola Correspondent
|  27 Jan 2018, 00:00 | Update : 27 Jan 2018, 18:44
The experimental gas extraction from Bhola North-1 gas field has begun. Bangladesh Petroleum Exploration and Production Company (BAPEX) began the extraction work at around 1:15 pm on Saturday.

BAPEX Project Director Bazlur Rahman said, gas was found in 348 feet underground level. Extraction work began from there. There is 6 hundred billion cubic feet gas reserve in this well.

Earlier in December 9 the excavation work began in North-1 well at Bheduria area in Bhola sadar. BAPEX discovered gas there on January 15 of this year.

Four wells were excavated after discovering gas at Shahbazpur in Bhola. Of the wells 40 to 42 million cubic feet gas is being extracted daily from two wells.

Gas was also discovered in another well named Shahbazpur East-1 in December.

BAPEX said, the total gas reserve is 1 thousand 5 hundred billion cubic feet in Bhola including Shahbazpur, Shahbazpur East-1 and North-1.


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