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Nur demands re-election in all posts of DUCSU

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|  12 Mar 2019, 00:00 | Update : 12 Mar 2019, 19:46
Rejecting the DUCSU results Nurul Haque Nur has demanded re-election in all the posts. His demand came in while speaking in front of TSC on Tuesday evening. But he also informed about his decision to take oath as the VP of DUCSU.

Nur alleged as saying, ballot boxes were filled up in the earlier night. The election process was not transparent and the administration held the election according to their scheme by not accepting any demand of the general students like setting up vote centers outside of academy building. As a result the election is not being accepted to the general students. For that reason we demand re-election.

He said, in the national election voting takes place using transparent ballot boxes but here the voting took place in steel boxes. Here voting time was made limited for the students, for that reason many students could not cast their votes.

He informed that his support to the programs of boycotting the classes and examinations by the student organizations will remain.

Earlier at 4 pm BCL central president and defeated VP candidate Rezwanul Haque Shovon welcomed VP elect Nurul Haque Nur.

At that time Shovon said, it is Dhaka University election. I urge for accepting Nur and cooperate him so that the activities of the university can be conducted in a fair manner.

At that time replying to the questions of newsmen the VP elect of DUCSU said, we need cooperation from each other to build an ideal campus according to the expectations of the students. Shovon vai has said that he will cooperate.

About the demand of re-election Nur said, a series of irregularities like recovering ballot papers full of sack happened in the election. The election that we expected did not take place. I hope that the university authority will reconsider the matter.


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