Banani FR Tower Fire

3 killed, many injured, rescue operation continues

Rtv online report
|  28 Mar 2019, 00:00 | Update : 28 Mar 2019, 16:27
Over the incident of fire at the FR Tower at Banani in the capital an eyewitness in immediate information said that so far three people were killed. But no responsible authority has confirmed the news. The eyewitness also said, when a person tried to get off the building with help of rope but fell from up to the ground as that person could not hold the rope properly. The person was critically injured and later died.

Many people were also injured in the incident. Many are also trapped in the burning building. They are crying for help. In a video message sent from the building it was seen that one woman was saying, we would die if stairs are not sent, please send stairs as soon as possible. We cannot breath.

According to the latest rescue operation information, 17 units of Fire Service are working in rescue and fire dousing operation. A number of stairs are being used.

The fire broke out at around 12:45 pm on Thursday on the 8th floor of FR Tower at Banani in the capital. Officer in Charge of the control room of Fire Service confirmed the information to Rtv online.

17 units of fire service are working on the spot. Many became injured while getting off the FR Tower and adjacent buildings. Many became injured falling on the ground while jumping off the building.


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