Phone was ringing when dead body being taken to ambulance

Rtv online report
|  28 Mar 2019, 00:00 | Update : 28 Mar 2019, 20:28
The fire at FR Tower at Banani in the capital is under control at the moment. The rescue operation is going on. The Fire Service staffs are recovering the dead bodies from the building. At 6:45 pm when a dead body was being taken to an ambulance at that time the mobile phone began to ring which was in the pocket of the deceased.

Being hesitant at first to answer the call a senior officer of Fire Service with his heavy voice confirmed the death of the telephone owner to the relative on the other hand. Later the Fire Service staffs sent the dead body to the morgue.

To get the news of near and dear ones many people are gathering in front of Banani FR Tower. All of them are looking for their relatives.

Total seven people were killed in the fire that broke out at the high rise building. The deceased are identified as- Parvez Sajjad (47), Amena Yasmin (40), Mamun (36), Sri Lankan national Niras Chandra, Abdullah Al Faruk (32), Maksudur (66) and Monir (50).

The fire originated on the 8th floor of FR Tower at Banani in the capital at around 12:45 pm on Thursday.


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