30 to 35 Bangladeshis killed in Mediterranean boat capsize: FM

Rtv online report
|  12 May 2019, 00:00 | Update : 12 May 2019, 20:29
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Foreign Minister A K Abdul Momen said, it is feared that 30 to 35 Bangladeshis were killed in the boat capsize incident in Tunisia coast on Mediterranean Sea while the migrants were going from Libya to Italy.

He said these while discussing the matter with the newsmen at foreign ministry on Sunday.

The Foreign Minister said, the government has no confirmed information about how many people were killed in the boat capsize incident carrying the migrants. But according to international media report, of the 60 deceased most of the people were Bangladeshi.

He said, local fishermen rescued 14 Bangladeshis. There is no confirmed information about how many people are Bangladeshis from the missing. As 37 people are missing from the 51 Bangladeshis, so we can think that they died.

Quoting the Red Crescent different international media reports said, a boat carrying the migrants capsized on Thursday night near Tunisia coast on Mediterranean Sea. In this incident 60 people were killed and most of them were Bangladeshi.

News Agency AFP said, 16 people were rescued by the Tunisian fishermen. Of them 14 are Bangladeshis including one child.

A K Abdul Momen said, after being informed the matter an officer of the embassy there went to the spot. Efforts are going on to rescue the missing. Besides there are attempts to bring back the people who were rescued.

He said, according to the message sent by Bangladesh Ambassador in Libya on Saturday, there were 51 Bangladeshis on that boat.


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