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Water of capital’s 69 areas polluted, WASA acknowledges

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Dhaka WASA authority has submitted report before the court acknowledging about supplying polluted water in the capital. Thus in the recent time Dhaka WASA has acknowledged that their supplied water at 69 areas in the capital is polluted.

The report was submitted before the High Court bench led by Justice JBM Hasan on Thursday.

While submitting the report the court commented, producing water not only the duty of WASA Managing Director but it is also his duty to supply safe water to the door steps of people.

The WASA report said, water of Dhaka’s 69 areas is more polluted. The report was submitted after testing the tap water supplied by WASA at the household.

The court wanted to know the opinion of Dhaka University microbiology department chief about WASA’s polluted water. The court asked him to present before it on May 21.

Earlier, local government ministry sent a report to the High Court about how much money will need to test the water of Dhaka WASA. The report signed by Additional Secretary of the ministry Md. Zahirul Islam reached at the Attorney General’s office on Wednesday.

In the report the cost is fixed for one thousand 64 sample tests in two phases at 75 lakh 61 thousand 500 taka. Of that 50 lakh 76 thousand 500 taka will cost for own lab test and 24 lakh 85 thousand taka will cost for sample test at the BUET laboratory.


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