Railway span placed on Padma bridge

Munsiganj Correspondent
|  17 May 2019, 00:00 | Update : 17 May 2019, 18:03
Photo: Collected
The 38 meter long railway span was placed on Padma bridge at its Zajira end. Through this the viaduct of the Padma bridge is visible at the moment.

The J-3 railway span was placed between pier number 20 and 21 at the Zajira end after 27 days of efforts starting from April 20. There are total 6 rail girders in this span.

Padma bridge project Assistant Engineer Humayun Kabir confirmed the news and said, total 14 spans- 7 at the Mawa end and 7 at the Zajira end will be placed. Of those there are 84 rail girders.

He also said, girder placing work of J-4 span between pier number 21 and 22 will begin Saturday at the Zajira end. Railway track will be installed over these spans. Most of the works for such 14 spans have been completed.

Meanwhile, roadway slabs and railway slabs have been installed. So far 312 railway slabs and 16 roadway slabs have been placed on the bridge. More 2 thousand railway slabs and 8 hundred roadway slabs are also prepared to be installed.


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