Sufferings while going home from terminals

Rtv online report
|  09 Jun 2019, 00:00 | Update : 09 Jun 2019, 18:36
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After passing Eid vacation people are returning in Dhaka safely with their family members. They have told about comfort as there was no traffic jam or sufferings. But many alleged about their sufferings while reaching home from the terminals of Dhaka.

As there were bags and luggage along with the passengers CNG ‍auto rickshaw drivers are charging high fares according to their will instead of going by meters.

At Gabtoli bus terminal a passenger who have returned after vacation said, I have come from Rangpur. I have faced no sufferings on my way but after coming at Gabtoli I am jeopardized. I cannot go home. There are less transports and auto rickshaw drivers are charging fare according to their will.

Meanwhile, there was more gathering of Dhaka bound people at the launch terminal, Kamalpur railway station and bus terminals than the other days. But the much seen traffic jam was absent on the roads of Dhaka.

Besides, launch passengers were in sufferings after coming to Sadarghat terminal. They were in immense sufferings after finding no automobiles. Many of the city dwellers have to return in their own destinations after paying extra fares as there was crisis of transport.


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