ACC Director suspended for taking bribe

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|  10 Jun 2019, 00:00 | Update : 10 Jun 2019, 18:36
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An Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) officer has been temporarily suspended for leaking information and breaching discipline after an allegation of taking bribe raised against him.

The name of that officer is Khandaker Enamul Bachir. He is working as the Director of ACC. An allegation has risen against him as he took bribe from DIG Mizanur Rahman while investigating the case of earning illegal wealth against the police officer.

The police headquarters already have withdrawn Mizanur Rahman from his duty over allegation of woman repression.

In the month of May last year ACC began to investigate the case of earning illegal wealth against police officer Mizanur Rahman.

Now allegation of taking forty lakh taka bribes from that police officer has risen against ACC’s Enamul Bachir.

After airing a record of conversation between them on a television channel the ACC Chairman Iqbal Mahmood informed about the decision of suspending the officer temporarily.

On Monday at ACC office he told the newsmen, a new officer has been appointed for investigating the corruption of Mizanur Rahman. He was suspended temporarily for breaching discipline and leaking information.

In response to a question he said that nobody will be spared after doing unjust activities.

Iqbal Mahmood said, we have taken action as we took the responsibility. He has been temporarily suspended for breaching discipline of code of conduct of the service. Separate investigation will be done over the allegation of bribe taking.


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