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142 people killed in road accidents during Eid journey

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|  10 Jun 2019, 00:00 | Update : 10 Jun 2019, 23:18
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In 95 road accidents throughout the country during Eid journey in 11 days total 142 people were killed and 324 people were injured. The scenario came through different media reports from May 30 to June 9.

The information was delivered by water way, road and rail way protection national committee on Monday.

The organization said, the report was prepared based on the news published in different online version of national and regional newspapers, online news portals, news agencies and television channels.

The organization claimed that the information revealed that the road journey is more dangerous than the estimation.

The report said, the transport management on road and water way in this year was comparatively good than the other years. Nearly all the highways were out of massive traffic congestion. There were enough launches in Dhaka to take home bound people to the coastal area.

But the report said that people did not get desired service from rail way for schedule disaster. Besides, the concerned authority failed to stop charging extra fare for bus and launch journey.

They said, nine people were killed and eight were injured in seven road accidents on May 30 and on May 31 six people were killed and seven injured in six accidents.

On June 1, ten people were killed and 31 injured in total 11 accidents. 27 people were killed and 38 injured in 15 accidents on June 2. At least 13 people were killed and 14 injured in seven accidents on June 3.

The day before the Eid day on June 4, 16 and 62 people were killed and injured respectively in six accidents. On the Eid day on June 5, 26 people were killed and 78 injured in 16 road accidents. On the following day on June 6 in eight accidents 11 and 33 people were killed and injured respectively.

On June 7, 11 people were killed and 18 were injured in six accidents. Eight people were killed and 11 injured in seven road accidents on June 8. On June 9, in six accidents five people were killed and 24 injured.

General Secretary of the organization Ashish Kumar Dey said that they have identified six factors behind the accidents. These are- reckless driving to cover time spent in ferry ghats and toll stations, carelessness of the drivers, their fatigue, negligence of police in discharging their duty, violations of the traffic rules and plying of large number of motorcycles and three-wheelers on the highways.    


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