Myanmar not keeping promise, telling blatant lie: FM

Rtv online report
|  12 Jun 2019, 00:00 | Update : 12 Jun 2019, 17:48
Foreign Minister Dr. A K Abdul Momen has briefed the diplomats about contemporary different affairs prioritizing the Rohingya issue. The briefing took place at the state guest house Padam at 11 am on Wednesday.

The Foreign Minister said, recently a Myanmar minister said that Bangladesh is responsible for Rohingyas’ unwillingness to go back to their country. Bangladesh is not cooperating at all. His speech is not true. Bangladesh is ever ready to send back Rohingyas.

He said, Myanmar is promising again and again but not keeping that. Rohingyas were scheduled to take back to Myanmar. But that was not possible due to their non-cooperation. Different types of crimes are being committed by Rohingyas due to their presence in Bangladesh.

Dr. A K Abdul Momen said, six months ago when we had meeting with Myanmar joint commission then they said that they were working to take back Rohingyas. They have promised again and again to take the Rohingyas back to their country. But till now not a single Rohingya has returned. Even the Rohingyas placed in the no man’s land have not returned.

The Foreign Minister said, we do not want to say anything against our neighbor. Because they are our friend. But they are lying over taking back Rohingyas. How we can digest such type of blatant lie. We will again request them to take back Rohingyas. We will also request their friendly countries about taking Rohingyas back.


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