‘Not a single Rohingya agreed to return’

প্রকাশ | ২২ আগস্ট ২০১৯, ০০:০০ | আপডেট: ২২ আগস্ট ২০১৯, ২১:৩৬

Teknaf Correspondent
Refugee, Relief and Repatriation Commissioner Md. Abul Kalam

Refugee, Relief and Repatriation Commissioner Md. Abul Kalam said, although the Rohingya repatriation process was scheduled to begin from Thursday (August 22) but not a single Rohingya is agreed to return to Myanmar.

He said these to the newsmen after holding discussion with Rohingyas at Shalbagan Rohingya camp in Teknaf who were interviewed earlier.

Md. Abul Kalam said, all the preparations were taken from Bangladesh side but due to unwillingness of Rohingyas the repatriation process is yet to begin.

He said, interviews of 290 Rohingyas were taken till the noon. All the Rohingya interviewees said that they will not go back to Myanmar. Interviews of 3 thousand 540 people will be taken. Each of the interviewees said that they will not return to Myanmar. The interview process will continue.

Whether the repatriation process is failed or not- when asked about this Abul Kalam said, this cannot be termed as failed. We have taken all types of preparation. If somebody wants to return then they will be sent back. We are not forcing them. But we are ready for the repatriation.

About the preconditions that Rohingyas have offered, he said, these are the matters of Rohingyas and Myanmar. We will help them to cross the border.

Representatives from Myanmar, China and several international organizations were present at that time.