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Barbed wire fence to be erected around Rohingya camps: Home Minister

Rtv online report
|  26 Sep 2019, 00:00 | Update : 26 Sep 2019, 18:40
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Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal said, barbed wire fence will be erected around Rohingya camps following Prime Minister’s directives. It will be erected to maintain law and order in the camps and for security. But there is no reason to think that as jail.

He said these to the newsmen after holding meeting with US Ambassador and Canadian High Commissioner at the secretariat on Thursday.

The Minister said, US Ambassador and Canadian High Commissioner inquired about why Bangladesh government want to erect barbed wire fence around Rohingya camps. We said that different countries including Turkey keep refugees within certain fence. We will erect fence with barbed wire in the same way, so that Rohingyas cannot spread. In this regard they are convinced.

The Home Minister said, if barbed wire fence is erected then Rohingyas will live in a certain place. Law and order will be maintained. Rohingyas quarrel within themselves. Recently they have involved in terror activities. Some are working as drugs middlemen like carrying yaba. To end this situation fence will be erected.

When the barbed wire fence will be erected- when asked about this Asaduzzaman Khan said, it will be done very soon. But it can be known after Prime Minister’s return to the country. At first fence will be erected covering large three to four camps. By phase barbed wire fence will be erected covering whole camp area.

The minister also said, the US and Canadian envoys have requested to give lessons to the Rohingya children using their own language who were born in the camps. We have assured the envoys about disseminating knowledge using own language and curriculum of Rohingyas. We have told the NGOs in this regard.


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