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Safe Migration Project: What's in there?

Ahammad Ullah Sikder & Siam Sarower Jamil
|  24 Feb 2020, 00:00 | Update : 24 Feb 2020, 11:39
The contribution of remittance warriors is important in the country’s economy. But harassment of broker syndicate and due to lack of awareness among the immigration aspirants, not much benefit is coming out of this sector. Bangladesh’s reputation is being tarnished abroad. For these reasons, the government is going to undertake a project to raise awareness in the immigration sector.

Manpower Employment and Training Bureau (BMET) sources said, work in progress to prepare the project proposal (DPP). Through this, an awareness programme will be launched in the country. It is expected that this will reduce the harassment of broker syndicate and create awareness among the people in the immigration sector. Thus, proper utilization of various government provided facilities for expatriates will be ensured.

The project aims to prevent ill activities of the broker syndicate, to create awareness about different rules and regulations of the government before going to abroad and for creating a tendency to follow those. It also aims to create awareness about various facilities that can be received in accordance with Bangladesh's agreement with the concerned countries while abroad and to inform expatriate remittance fighters and their family members about various government facilities.

Under the project, seminars will be organized in all the districts of the country including divisional cities. Various types of awareness oriented advertisements and dramas will be broadcasted in media. Awareness advertisements and programs will be broadcast on radio and television. The main task of this project will be to uphold the various issues of migration before the people through these programs and advertisements.

BMET sources said, the company undertook a five-year program called 'Awareness Development Program for Safe Migration Assurance' in 2017. The cost of the project was estimated at Tk 213 crore with tenure from July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2022. In view of the undergoing programme, new awareness projects are also being planned.

Meanwhile, sources in the Ministry of Expatriates' Welfare and Overseas Employment said that every year separately budget has been allocated to ensure safe immigration. It said, in 2018-19 fiscal year Tk 71,000 and Tk 10,000 allocated respectively for district and Upazila level for awareness seminars, publicity campaigns, and press briefings. In the current fiscal year, Tk 97,000 and Tk 55,800 has been allocated in divisional and upazila level respectively.

Regarding the new project, BMET said, the government is committed to provide all the benefits to expatriates. Because remittance sent by the expatriate Bangladeshis and workers is playing an important role in the socio-economic development of the country. The remittances sent by the expatriates run the wheel of the country's economy.

Therefore, the government has also provided expatriates with various facilities. However, due to lack of publicity, many expatriates do not know about the benefits. Therefore, the expatriates are being deprived of various benefits even if the benefits are available. That’s why the ministry is also emphasizing this public awareness programme.

BMET Director-General Shamsul Alam said to RtvOnline.com, unawareness is the major obstacle in our immigration sector. Many are deceived due to lack of awareness, also they are deprived of the various privileges provided by the government while staying abroad. Besides, they cannot send message to the representatives of the Bangladesh government on various issues in the country where they work. Again, if a worker goes to a country or if a worker dies, they are deprived of all the benefits that the government has for the workers or their families.

The Director-General said, the things I have said are not only the workers being deprived, but indirectly and in some cases, the country is also directly being affected. In view of these issues, we are going to undertake a project to create public awareness.

He said, in the last review meeting of project implementation and progress affairs we have informed the expatriate's welfare and overseas employment ministry about the project. In this regard, the ministry has given a positive response, added Shamsul Alam.


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