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Sunken launch salvaged after 26 hours

Rtv news desk
|  30 Jun 2020, 13:30 | Update : 01 Jul 2020, 14:46
Sunken launch salvaged
After 26 hours the launch which sank in the river Buriganga, has been salvaged.

On Tuesday at around 11 am the launch was made floated in the river with help of air lifting bags. The launch capsized in the river at around 9 am on Monday.

So far 33 dead bodies were salvaged. At around 10 pm on Monday a man was rescued alive after 13 hours of launch capsize.

On Monday morning another launch Moyur-2 pushed the launch Morning Bird and soon after the incident the launch capsized in the river near Sadarghat Kathpatti area.

The shipping ministry has formed a seven-member investigation committee in this connection. Besides, State Minister for Shipping informed that the family members of the each deceased will get one and half lakh taka and 10 thousand taka will be given for burial of each deceased.

Meanwhile, police filed a case accusing seven persons on Tuesday early morning centering the accident.

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