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Fake corona test certificates can be great burden for international relations

Maruf Reza, Rtv news
|  13 Jul 2020, 12:40 | Update : 13 Jul 2020, 13:51
Fake corona test certificates can be great burden for international relations
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Not only in the country, the matter of issuing fake coronavirus test certificates has become a reason of headache for maintaining international relations. The international relations analysts are worried about the issue. They are saying that Bangladesh has to pay for it if such incidents would go on. They also urged local media to be vigilant as well as the government to get out of the situation.

Not only issuing fake certificates, there are also allegations of huge irregularities about corona tests. The issue is not limited within the border rather it has spread in the international arena.

As outcome of issuing fake certificates, on June 10, Japan cancelled all its flights from Bangladesh. Later for the same reason China, South Korea, UAE and Turkey suspended flights. And the latest country is Italy.

Italy cancelled all its passenger aviation communication with Bangladesh till October 5. The news was aired in Italian media with due importance. So, the news of aviation suspension along with huge irregularities over corona tests have created excess concern.

Analysts say that the news will create negative impact for entering any other countries. They urged local media to be conscious for presenting news. To avert the crisis and to enhance the image they also called for political initiatives to drive out the irregularities.

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