‘Putul changed view-point of society for autistic children’

Rtv online report
|  02 Apr 2018, 00:00 | Update : 02 Apr 2018, 22:07
Rtv Chairman Alhaj Morshed Alam, MP said that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s daughter Saima Wazed Putul changed the view-point of society for the autistic children.

He said this at a program organized by private television channel Rtv on the occasion of 11th World Autism Day on Monday.

Morshed Alam said, the autistic children who are growing in our society are members of our own family. Once upon a time parents of autistic children used to hide them from the sight of people. Society termed it as a curse.

He said, the attitude changed after Prime Minister’s daughter Saima Wazed Putul made everybody conscious about autism. Prime Minister is also very sensitive about these children. She used to attract attention of people in different gatherings so that a positive view-point would create about autistic children.

The Rtv Chairman said, we hope that autistic children would grow up in a healthy and favorable environment. Rtv is working on to bring these children into the main stream of the society.

He also urged all to spread a positive concept about autism with participation of all throughout the country.

In the program Chief Executive Officer of Rtv Syed Ashik Rahman said, autistic children are not outsiders in our society. They are the descendant of our society. If we lay our hands to them, pay heed to them and bring them into our area of work then they would not be burden of the society.

He said, Rtv is working on with the autistic children for a long time from their own liability. Today’s arrangement is the continuation of that. Moreover Rtv telecast the autism awareness program ‘Hat Bariye Dao’ on every Tuesday.

Upholding the scarcity of trainers for providing training for autistic children in the country, he urged everybody to look into the matter.   

Social Welfare Minister Rashed Khan Menon, Bangladesh Human Rights Commission Chairman Kazi Reazul Hoque, Member of Parliament Dr. Habibe Millat, Managing Director of Rtv Humayun Kabir Bablu and others were present on the occasion.


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