Kitchen market price in upward trend in Ramadan

Rtv online report
|  18 May 2018, 00:00 | Update : 18 May 2018, 21:19
Buyers have expressed anger over upward trend of price for commodities in the kitchen market of the capital. Not a single item except beef and mutton is selling at the price fixed by the government. But there was a little comfort in the market for the sudden rain. On Thursday eggplant was selling at 90 taka per kg which was 50 taka and cucumber was selling at 80 taka which was 50 taka per kg. But the prices of cucumber, carrot, green chili and eggplant came down on Friday.

Buyers alleged that the price hike happened due to lack of market monitoring activities. All vegetables are selling at higher prices and there is no vegetable selling at below than 40 taka per kg.

No commodity is selling at the government fixed price except beef and mutton. Prices of chickens varied from broiler or local are also increased due to the month of Ramadan. The retail onion sellers did not reduce their price though the wholesale price has decreased. The discrepancy is also prevailing in the vegetables market.

On Friday in Karwan Bazar eggplant was selling at 50 to 60 taka varied from quality, cucumber was selling at 40 to 50 taka per kg. Whereas green chili was selling at 40 to 50 taka per kg and lemon was seen selling at 20 to 25 taka per four. But the prices were higher in other markets in the city than this market.

One of the wholesalers in Karwan Bazar told Rtv online that the prices of eggplants and cucumbers rise sharply on Thursday as the supply decreased. But due to the rainfall of Friday prices of those items fall. As those are perishable items and the harvest was good-it causes the price downwards as the supply is plenty at the moment. But the problem is that retail sellers are not buying from the wholesale markets to keep the price high.

Several customers alleged that due to lack of market monitoring every year the prices of essentials go up during the month of Ramadan. Making syndicate the businessmen increase the price of items which are attached to iftar and sehri items list.

On Friday snake gourd was selling at 40 to 50 taka, teasle gourd at 50 to 60 taka, pointed gourd at 40 to 50 taka, string beans and ladies fingers at 40 to 50 taka per kg. Red amaranth, spinach was selling at 10 to 15 taka per bunch, which was 5 to 10 taka in the previous week. Malabar spinach was selling at 30 to 35 taka per bunch at the moment which was 20 to 25 taka last week.

Local variety of onion is selling at 45 to 50 taka per kg whereas the Indian variety is selling at 30 to 35 taka.

At Karwan Bazar chickens of broiler variety is selling at 150 to 160 taka, layer at 200 taka and Pakistani chickens are selling at 300 taka per kg. Besides, beef is selling at 480 to 500 taka, mutton is selling 650 to 720 varying from quality.


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