‘Yearly a Padma bridge possible with money lost in traffic congestion’

Rtv online report
|  20 May 2018, 00:00 | Update : 20 May 2018, 18:08
Daily 50 lakh working hours are being wasted due to traffic congestion in the capital. The financial cost of this wastage is about 37 thousand crore taka. This traffic jam is causing financial loss as well as playing negative impact on our physical and mental health.

Analysts say, the loss that occurs due to traffic congestion in a year may allow us to construct a Padma Bridge yearly. With this amount 12 satellites like the recently launched first satellite of the country, can be launched into the orbit.

A research paper in this connection was presented in a roundtable titled ‘Establishing discipline in mass transport management and planning to mitigate traffic congestion’ in Bangladesh University of Engineering Technology (BUET) on Saturday.

Accident Research Institute and Road Safety Foundation organized the meeting. At that time in the research paper calculation of financial loss and wastage of time were upheld.

The research report said, the velocity of mass transport came down to 5 kilometers per hour due to traffic jam during the peak hour in the capital, where the velocity of average walking is also 5 kilometers per hour. As a result 50 lakh working hours are being wasted. Every year 37 thousand crore taka loss is occurring due to traffic jam which is one eleventh of the national budget.

Not only financial loss, there are 9 human characterized habits that are also affected due to traffic jam. People are losing their temper and it has also an effect on social media utilization, the organizers said.

The report also revealed harassment of women, children and disabled people on the mass transport.

BUET Accident Research Institute Director Professor Dr. Moazzem Hossain presented the report.

He told Rtv online that the country could be advanced if traffic jam is reduced. With the financial amount of loss that occurs due to traffic jam in the capital, every year construction of one Padma Bridge is possible. The project costing of the Padma Bridge is 29 thousand crore taka.

Dr. Moazzem suggested for bringing the private transport companies under control to maintain discipline in the automobile sector.

He said, at present one hundred fifty to two hundred bus services are operating in the city. It will be very good to give responsibility to ply on one route for one company. Competition will decrease through this step.

He also suggested to bring the inter district bus terminals under government control.

Dr. Moazzem said, 74 percent accidents are taking part while crossing the roads. He also held unplanned plying of rickshaws responsible for traffic jam.

He suggested for taking a coordinated activities in traffic management between DTCA, CCS, RAJUK, RAED, LGED and BRTA.

While responding to Rtv online he said, traffic jam cannot be removed from the capital at once but it can be reduced by 70 percent after taking some steps.

The report also suggests for adequate training for drivers, be more cautious about issuing license, to stop illegal parking in the city, creating bicycle and walking lane.


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