28 pc bus passengers commute standing after paying sitting fare

Rtv online report
|  26 May 2018, 00:00 | Update : 26 May 2018, 19:48
All the private buses have turned into sitting service at the moment in the capital. 96 percent of the buses are plying in the name of sitting service keeping the doors locked. 92 percent passengers are victims of sufferings every day. 98 percent passengers are victims of charging extra fare. 62 percent passengers are forced to step in or down on the moving buses. 28 percent passengers are forced to commute standing on the buses after paying extra fare in the name of sitting service.

Five teams of Bangladesh Passengers Welfare Association’s  fare anarchy observation subcommittee observed different areas of the city for the last six days. Later on Saturday the association secretary general Md. Mozammel Haque Chowdhury revealed the information in a press briefing.

The survey was conducted after consultation with 557 bus passengers, 185 auto rickshaw passengers and 56 taxi cab passengers.

The survey said, passengers of middle region of the city are the most victimized of extreme sufferings. These buses are charging the company rated fare instead of the government fixed fare. The home bound people during Ramadan are being victims of extreme sufferings.

It also said, 93 percent passengers do not know where to complain about their sufferings and of them 88 percent do not make complain as they think that there will be no remedy in this regard. This scenario is paid much importance in the national dailies and electronic media but no activities are seen from the concerned government or private organizations and owners association.

On observation report Mozammel Haque Chowdhury said, 94 percent CNG auto rickshaws in the city are plying on contract basis. 98 percent of those are charging extra fare or tips. Auto rickshaw drivers are charging 30 to 50 taka tips at present instead of 10 taka they charged earlier. 90 percent auto rickshaw drivers do not want to go according to the desired destinations of passengers.

Moreover after waiting several hours no taxi cab was seen in different parts of the city.  


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