BGB deployed in St. Martin’s Island to ensure security

Rtv online report
|  07 Apr 2019, 00:00 | Update : 07 Apr 2019, 20:05
BGB members are patrolling in Teknaf to enhance security. Photo: Collected.
Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) members were deployed in St. Martin’s Island bordering Myanmar. The decision was taken as part of border patrolling. The BGB troops were deployed in St. Martin’s area suddenly after 1997.

Public Relations Officer of BGB headquarters Mohammad Mohsin Reza confirmed the information to Rtv online on Sunday afternoon.

He said, BGB members were there before 1997. After that there was no activity of BGB. Till then Coast Guard members were patrolling the border. Activities are going on to set up a BOP of BGB in the island. The government has decided to deploy BGB there. So measures are taken to guard the border for 24 hours.

He also said, everyday exercise with BGB members will continue in different parts of the island so that enemies cannot attack the border of the country. But the news that was published in different media about heavy arms is not correct. BGB is patrolling in normal way.

Mohsin Reza said, BGB as well as Coast Guard will patrol in St. Martin’s Island. It will help to ease smuggling, illegal intruding and other types of crimes.

Acting Commander of Teknaf-2 BGB Lt. Colonel Sarkar Mostafa told Rtv online, earlier BGB was there. We have taken decision for patrolling to enhance security in the border afresh. Activities are going on to set up a BOP of BGB in St. Martin’s Island.


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