Nazim Uddin still can’t sleep at night due to pain from splinters

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Md. Al Amin Titu, Bhairab
Nazim Uddin still can’t sleep at night due to pain from splinters.

Although more than a decade is over but the verdict of August 21 grenade attack case is yet to be implemented. Nazim Uddin from Bhairab is the eyewitness and victim of that gruesome attack. He is living with pains from numbers of splinters in his whole body.

It is known that, Nazim Uddin, son of Mofiz Uddin from Akbar Nagar village of Bhairab upazila went to the rally of August 21, 2004 in response to the call of the then women’s affairs secretary of Awami League and wife of late president Zillur Rahman, Ivy Rahman.

He joined the anti terrorism rally organized on that day. At one stage Ivy Rahman wanted to take some water. So he stepped towards a shop to buy a bottle of water and then he stunned by the huge bursting sound of grenades. Smoke was everywhere. After sometimes he was hit and became unconscious.

Nazim Uddin was seriously wounded by the grenade attack. Later he was taken to Dhaka Medical College Hospital. There while primary treatment the physicians thought that he was dead. But he became conscious at one stage. Immediately he was shifted to Renal Hospital. As his condition deteriorated he was shifted to India for better treatment by incumbent Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

After getting treatment for long period Nazim Uddin returned to the country. He was undergone four major surgeries in his chest and legs. But he was not fully recovered and lost his ability to work. Still there are numbers of splinters in his chest and both legs which need to remove on emergency basis.

He cannot sleep at night due to pain. The pain increases during the winter. On the other hand he cannot move under sunlight. Itching sometimes create bleeding. Nazim Uddin is passing a painful life due to scarcity of money.

Victim and eyewitness of August 21 grenade attack case, Nazim Uddin said, many died in the gruesome attack and some are passing their lives with pains. Most of the injured people cannot avail treatment due to financial support. They are going to the path of death slowly. So he wants proper treatment and rehabilitation for the injured and also wants to see capital punishment for the involved in the attack.