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How much safe the canals are in Dhaka?

Jubayer Sunny, Rtv online
|  15 Feb 2020, 00:00 | Update : 15 Feb 2020, 18:58
Each of the canals that are flowing through capital Dhaka seems like a death trap. The authority is stoical following the death of some children who fell on the canals. Though there should be safety fence on the both bank of the canals but it is not seen in most of the places. City planners have held WASA’s negligence responsible in this regard.

Ashamoni, a child died pathetically after falling into the canal at Merajnagar of Kadamtali. The unprotected bridge over the canal says that how much unsafe is the life on the bank of this canal.

Thousands of people including school going students cross the bridge built at the market place. Everyday somebody falls into the canal.

Local inhabitants said that they were facing many problems. Many people fall from the bridge in the rainy season. Children cannot go to their schools regularly. Accident occurs repeatedly.

No safety fence is seen in the several kilometers long canal. In some areas land of the canal is grabbed by illegal occupants. The polluted water turns the canal into a mosquito breeding place.

Locals also said that after coming to the area in a year the authority cleans some portions of the canal but in other time they are not seen.

In this connection city planner Architect Iqbal Habib said, we even cannot make an integrated work-flow in this regard after regular incidents of accident. Crores of taka is being spent throughout the year behind the activities. These are being passed in the ECNEC, projects are being taken but nothing fruitful is happening.

When WASA officials were contacted to comment over the allegations they expressed their unwillingness to talk on behalf of the institution.


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