Burqa used for Nusrat killing recovered

প্রকাশ | ২০ এপ্রিল ২০১৯, ০০:০০ | আপডেট: ২০ এপ্রিল ২০১৯, ২১:২৪

Feni Correspondent

Police Bureau of Investigation (PBI) has recovered the burqa used during arson attack and killing of Sonagazi madrasa student Nusrat Jahan Rafi.

The burqa was recovered from Dangi canal adjacent to Sonagazi Government College on Saturday afternoon.

PBI Inspector and Investigation Officer of the case Md. Shah Alam told the newsmen that based on the information of Nusrat’s classmate Jobaer one of the three burqas was recovered from a canal behind of Sonagazi Government College. The burqas were used during Nusrat killing.

Earlier it was known according to the confessional statement of accused Nur Uddin and Shahadat Hossain Shamim that five people took part in the killing wearing burqas.

On April 6 Nusrat went to take part in the Alim examination at Sonagazi Islamia Senior Fazil Madrasa. Earlier on March 27 she fell victim of sexual harassment committed by madrasa principal Siraj Ud Doula. After the incident Nusrat’s mother filed a case with Sonagazi police station. Then the principal was arrested and after that some people loyal to the principal created pressure on Nusrat to withdraw the case.

As Nusrat denied withdrawing the case those people called Nusrat at the rooftop of the madrasa and set her ablaze on that day. After fighting for her life for five days with 80 per cent burn on her body Nusrat succumbed to her injuries at Burn Unit of Dhaka Medical College Hospital.