At least two people killed in explosion: Benazir

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Rtv online report
RAB DG speaking at the press briefing. Photo: Collected.

Director General (DG) of Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) Benazir Ahmed said, a least two people were killed in the militant den. Three legs were seen. There was fire in the den. Nobody will be spared if associated with militancy in Bangladesh.

He said these at a press briefing on Monday after visiting the spot.

RAB legal and media wing spokesman Commander Mufti Mahmud Khan said, sweeping is going on. Bomb Disposal Unit is conducting the sweeping. RAB special force members are surrounding the spot.

RAB Bomb Disposal Unit members wearing bullet proof jackets entered the house at around 9 am. RAB members at that time opened gunfire targeting the den.

Drone is being used in the drive. RAB intelligence branch are trying to know the situation in and outside of the militant den using drone. Ultramodern machines are brought which can trace sound and talks from distance.

Earlier at 3 am RAB began their drive at Metro Housing area at Basila in Mohammadpur. Sensing the presence of RAB an explosion was originated in the den. Later at around 5 am there was a big explosion.

After surrounding the house RAB detained three persons including caretaker of the house. They are caretaker Sohag, his wife Mousumi and Imam of the local mosque.

RAB-2 Company Commander (SP) Mohiuddin Faruqi said, through interrogating the caretaker efforts are being made to know who are residing in the tin shade house. How they rented the house. Sohag maintains dish business in the area. There is a mosque beside the house. Recently there was an initiative to open a madrasa in the mosque. So Imam Yusuf is also being interrogated. It is being considered that the two young men who rented the house recently turned that into a militant den. Efforts are on to collect information about them.