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Shahed’s passport seized, 56 cases traced

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|  12 Jul 2020, 13:22 | Update : 12 Jul 2020, 17:50
Shahed’s passport seized, 56 cases traced
Shahed Karim alias Md. Shahed
The investigation team has seized the passport of Regent Hospital chairman Shahed Karim alias Md. Shahed. Another 23 cases were traced that were filed against him. With this the number of total cases stands at 56.

After the operation of RAB at the Regent Hospital, the investigation team again conducted a drive in the hospital and Regent office based on the information provided by the accused who were put on remand.

During the drive passports and other valuable evidences were recovered.

RAB Executive Magistrate Sarwar Alam was present in the investigation team. He opened the sealed office.

Sarwar Alam said, there were 32 cases against Shahed and after the drive another case was filed. Then complains arose from different sectors. The victims communicated with RAB and police stations. Lastly we could trace another 23 case. In total 56 cases were found filed against him and most of the cases were filed with complains of cheating and forgery.

RAB headquarters legal and media wing director Lt. Colonel Ashik Billah said, we are giving our full effort to arrest Shahed.

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