Not Babul, Beauty’s killer is her uncle!

Habiganj Correspondent
|  06 Apr 2018, 00:00 | Update : 06 Apr 2018, 22:23
Police have unveiled the misery over sensational Beauty rape and murder case in Shayestaganj of Habiganj.

Beauty’s uncle and local Awami League leader Moina Mia gave confessional statement before the court of judicial magistrate Touhidul Islam under section 164 mentioning his involvement in the killing.

The key accused in the case Babul Mia also gave confessional statement before the court. The court also recorded statement of Beauty’s grandmother in this regard.

A source from police said, a press briefing may be called on Saturday to inform the incident to the newsmen.

Babul Mia and his associates abducted Beauty from her house on January 21. After raping her by keeping in different places for about a month Babul sent Beauty back to her home. Then Beauty’s father filed an abduction and rape case in Habiganj Woman and Child Repression Prevention Tribunal on March 1.

After the incident Beauty went missing from her grandmother’s house on March 16 and her dead body was recovered by police on the following day from haor area.


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