bKash not reducing charge at the moment

Sahinur Rahman
|  15 May 2018, 00:00 | Update : 15 May 2018, 22:05
bKash- the recent platform for virtual transaction, which is working with a view to general people’s financial inclusion in the outer range of banking service for the last seven years. The organization is charging 18.5 taka per thousand taka transaction.

Financial analysts think that, this amount of charge is much more. Even former Governor of Bangladesh Bank Mohammad Farashuddin commented that looting and dacoity are taking place in the country in the name of mobile banking.

In this situation how much charge should ‘bKash’ reduce in this era of expansion?

The organization is saying that they have no planning to reduce charge at the moment. But there may be a chance in the future.

bKash has begun its activities as a subsidiary company of BRAC Bank in 2010 but its full fledged activities began in 2011. Till then it needs not to look back. Their success came through. Even it has gripped the recent inclusion of technology based ‘app’ service.

bKash officials in a program held at a hotel in the capital introduced this ‘app’ on Tuesday. bKash Chief Executive Kamal Quadir upheld the information from their beginning of journey to till at present. Later Chief Marketing Officer Mir Naubat Ali gave description of the app and its uses.

After the program in response to Rtv online’s query the officials said, bKash has no plan to reduce the transaction charge at the moment. But in future in can be done. Then the general people will get benefit from this.

On the occasion of inaugurating the app the organization is charging cash out charge 15 taka per thousand taka transaction reducing it by 3 taka 50 paisa. Along with, the charge of sending money through personal number is withdrawn.

But the facility will be available only on app. Those who will make transaction without the help of app, have to count the previous charge. That means 18.5 taka per thousand taka transaction and also needs to count 5 taka as fee for sending money through personal number.

After calculation bKash Chief Executive Kamal Quadir said, the charge of 18.5 taka per thousand taka which is being taken, 77 percent of those goes to the agents, 7 percent goes to the mobile phone operators. And with the rest 16 percent bKash managed its activities.

Why the agents are being provided 77 percent of the charge, in reply he said from where the cash in and cash out are happening- that shop owners have other opportunities to run their business. If they will not get enough return then they certainly won’t do bKash business.

He said, if there is any chance to reduce the expense of bKash in future then that will be done certainly.

In some cases subscribers have to count 20 taka per thousand taka though there is opportunity to send money with lesser charge through banks. This rate is 1.5 taka higher than the current fixed rate. The subscribers have to count the money for the agents.

This helps the bKash subscribers to spend a big amount of money from their pockets.

In this case whether any coordination over the charge will be made or not- in this question Chief Marketing Officer said, Banking and bKash are not similar service. In fact, we have no opportunity to reduce the charge below 18.5 taka. But we will consider the matter in future.

Officials said, app was made for the continuing confidence of the subscribers of bKash. It will help people to transact their money without any mistake. The app can be downloaded through visiting Google App Store using smart phones.


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