Illiterate account holders to get money verifying finger prints

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|  21 May 2018, 00:00 | Update : 21 May 2018, 20:14
Bangladesh Bank has directed to provide opportunity for banking transaction through cheque after getting finger print of illiterate account holder. It also directed to inaugurate biometrics, eye identification or face verification system to ensure identification of illiterate account holders. In this case initiatives should be taken to make the illiterate account holders literate in a stipulated time.

Bangladesh Bank has issued a notification in this regard on Monday.

The notification said, the steps have been taken to bring all people under financial service coverage. The illiterate account holders will be able to submit cheque in the banks like the other literate account holders. In this case the illiterate account holder can fill up their cheque through bank officers or people accompanied him or her. After filling up the cheque the assigned officer will read out the writings on the cheque. Then the cheque should be deposited to the counter after giving mark of finger print in the fixed space of the cheque. The bank officials will pay the account holder after verifying the finger print and his/her identification.

The notification also said, in some case the bank officials will visit the home of account holder and fill up the cheque if he/she fails to come in the concerned bank. Then the bank authority will hand over money to the person nominated by the account holder. Besides, the concerned bank will take initiatives to make the illiterate account holders able to sign on the cheque in a stipulated timeframe. In this regard assistance of NGOs may be sought.

The notification asked banks to take all necessary steps so that the illiterate account holders will be able to make transactions.


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