Road construction cost more in Bangladesh than New York: CPD

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|  03 Jun 2018, 00:00 | Update : 03 Jun 2018, 18:06
In Bangladesh the cost for constructing a road is more than the cost for constructing it in New York of United States. The government needs to observe the matter that whether it is being done for the over value of project costing or not.

Non government research organization Center for Policy Dialogue-CPD Special Fellow Dr. Debapriya Bhattacharya delivered the information in a discussion on independent review of Bangladesh’s development held at BRAC center in the capital on Sunday.

He said, we know how much money is allocated for one kilometer road construction in Bangladesh; which is much more than the city of New York in United States. There are more 3 to 4 ongoing mega projects in Bangladesh. The same information will be available if we analyze the project expenditure of those.

Debapriya said, we are worried about development expense but the more concerning matter is about its quality. It is open that the type of projects that are being implemented, for their longer version implementation the project cost is increasing.

He said, the projects are much needed for the country but due to over value and foreign transaction situation it made the crisis concentrated.

In the recent period the country was enjoying macroeconomic stability which has seemed some fragility. So there may be some concerning trend.

The second matter is in the in the near past we were going through a decent growth but cannot play role in income generation, employment and extinction of discriminations. The main reason is the discussion on growth character rather than the scale of growth. So cannot see any result in this regard.

Debapriya said, there is a concern about macroeconomic sector of the country. But there is a panic over the external transaction situation.

He mentioned, foreign assistance has increased, remittance and export have increased. But after that the import is uncontrolled. Easy to say- sharp observation is needed to observe the flow of import. 


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