Tax burden to increase: CPD

Rtv online report
|  08 Jun 2018, 00:00 | Update : 08 Jun 2018, 17:24
Honorary fellow of Center for Policy Dialogue (CPD) Dr. Debapriya Bhattacharya said, it will be hard to maintain the inflation target in the proposed budget and to meet the target of revenue collection the burden of taxes will increase.

He said this while expressing post budget reaction on Friday.

Dr. Debapriya said, there is a dubitation regarding the target of investment.

Earlier on Thursday he said, the figure is same for the current and the next budget. So it may be termed as a budget of stagnation point.

He said, the budget was proposed under old framework and old thoughts.

Debapriya said, in the proposed budget the corporate tax was reduced. Owners will be benefitted through this step.

He said, why the tax rate is reduced, there is no logic and administrative reason. Providing this type of corporate rebate was not right during the period of ongoing banking anarchy.

He said, no financial evaluation was made on the matter of how much money is being spent for Rohingyas. Banking sector should be refreshed by reducing pressure on bond. But the budget seems that people have to lean on the bond.

Dr. Debapriya said, it was a long term demand of CPD to reduce duty on rice import. It was reduced in the current budget. CPD is happy over the decision. Farmers will be benefitted through this decision.


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