CID submits report to Philippine court

Bangladesh Bank reserve heist happened through hacking

Sahinur Rahman
|  07 Jul 2018, 00:00 | Update : 07 Jul 2018, 21:37
Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of police submitted its forensic report in connection with Bangladesh Bank reserve heist to the Philippine court. CID said in the report that reserve heist was happened through hacking.

Special police super of CID Molla Nazrul Islam told Rtv online, two CID officers submitted the report in Philippine court on July 5.

They are Investigation Officer of Bangladesh Bank reserve heist and CID Additional Police Super Raihan Uddin Khan and Additional Police Super Fahim Hossain.

In the last week of February, 2016, 10 crore 10 lakh US dollars were stolen from Bangladesh Bank reserve. After two years of the incident CID submitted internal forensic report following investigation.

Molla Nazrul Islam said, much progress was done in this regard. We have found some specific information and evidence that where the money has gone and to whom.

According to Bangladesh Bank source, the money heist took place through swift code from Federal Reserve Bank of USA. Of the heist money 2 crore dollars went to Sri Lanka and the rest 8 crore 10 lakh dollars went to casinos in Philippines.

The law enforcers assumed that the hacker group smuggled the money with help of a local racket.

However, of the heist money one and half crore dollars were recovered from Philippine and the government is trying to recover the rest.


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