Bangladesh Bank issues alert of possible cyber attack

Rtv online desk
|  16 Aug 2018, 00:00 | Update : 16 Aug 2018, 23:03
Bangladesh Bank has issued an alert to all banks about any possible cyber attack in their systems. 

In a circular sent to chief executives of all banks on Thursday, the central bank mentioned that it was reported in the media that a huge amount of money was hacked from different banks in a neighboring country by cyber hackers.

The cyber hackers took away the money by hacking the payment systems from inside and outside of the country, said the Bangladesh Bank. Reports UNB.  

Bangladesh has been under threat of such cyber attack as a country of rising economy, it added.  
In such a situation, the central bank asked the banks to follow its instructions sent before to prevent such attacks.   

Hackers siphoned off more than 94 crore rupees by hacking into the switch server of Pune-based Cosmos Bank by cloning Visa and RuPay debit cards between August 11 and August 13.

It may be mentioned that cyber criminals hacked 101 million dollars from Bangladesh Bank account at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York in February 2016. 

However, of this 81 million dollars was taken away by the hackers through Philippines RCBC Bank while 20 million dollars was blocked in Sri Lanka.

So far 15 million dollars was recovered by the central bank while legal process is being pursued to recover the remaining money. 


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