Charging mobile phone call rate 45 paisa ‘illogical’

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|  18 Aug 2018, 00:00 | Update : 18 Aug 2018, 18:29
Bangladesh Mobile Phone Subscribers Association demanded cancellation of the decision to charge minimum call rate 45 paisa for the mobile phone. The demand came from a human chain formed by the organization in front of the National Press Club on Saturday.

During the human chain president of Mobile Phone Subscribers Association Mahiuddin Ahmed said, Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) has raised the call rate from 25 paisa to 45 paisa considering the interest of operators by not considering the interest of the subscribers. This type of decision is illogical.

He said, they had to take opinion of the subscribers before implementing this type of decision.

He thinks that as a result of implementing this decision subscribers’ expenditure will increase. The commission could arrange mass hearing over the issue. By not doing that they forced the subscribers to accept their decision which is undemocratic and unethical.

Recently the mobile phone operator companies withdraw their lowest 25 paisa call rate and impose 45 paisa call rate instead of that following direction from BTRC.

There were two types of call rate in operation in the country- one was on net and the other was off net. On net means making call within the same mobile operator network and off net means making call in to other mobile operator network from one.

According to BTRC sources, 45 paisa is the floor price of new call rate. No phone call can be made under this price. But the mobile phone operators can offer new call rate after arranging their choice able rates. The ceiling of the call rate will be 2 taka, which was from the previous.

Mahiuddin Ahmed said, through the speeches of the BTRC officials over media we came to know that though the rate was 25 paisa but it was charged more than 35 paisa. We think that these types of speech go against the consumer rights protection act. Through this the commission encouraged corruption committed by the operators.

According to his opinion, if we add operator, ICX, IGW, NTTN and VAT charge than the call rate will stand at nearly 52 paisa which is equal to the previous off net floor rate. Though the operators would be benefitted from increasing the call rate in interim but if the subscribers begin to use alternative way for talking then the operators would lose their investment.

Former Member of Parliament Professor Humayun Kabir, National Congress Bangladesh Chairman Qazi Saber Ahmed Sabbir, Durniti Protirodh Andolon president Harun ur Rashid Khan, Nagorik Parishad convener Mohammad Shamsuddin, Samajtantrik Majdur Party General Secretary Shamsul Alam and others participated in the human chain.


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