Allegation of taking away 5.5 thousand crore taka by sending workers in Malaysia

Sahinur Rahman
|  02 Sep 2018, 00:00 | Update : 02 Sep 2018, 17:21
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In two years a syndicate of 10 businessmen have taken away at least 5 thousand 5 hundred crore taka by sending workers from Bangladesh to Malaysia. They took the amount by charging extra money on nearly two lakh workers.

Manpower exporters and combined coordination front panel leader of BAIRA Shafiqul Alam Firoz alleged that this amount of money was taken away.

He said, in different times news of embezzling this amount of money was published in media. It is not our investigation, but that syndicate has embezzled huge amount of money by sending workers in Malaysia.

Shafiqul Alam Firoz told Rtv online, the syndicate of 10 agencies took 3.5 to 4 lakh taka per head from the workers which were much more than the government fixed charge.

He said, there is an agreement to send workers in Malaysia at the rate of 37 thousand 5 hundred taka, there was a verbal approval of charging around 1 lakh 60 thousand taka. Then why they would take 3.5 lakh or 4 lakh taka from workers- he raised question.

His panel is taking part in the forthcoming Bangladesh Association of International Recruiting Agencies (BAIRA) election. He also alleged that this syndicate of 10 agencies is influencing the election. They anyhow want to capture BAIRA.

He said, this strong syndicate has been leading the BAIRA for the last two years. This syndicate has worked behind destroying the Bangladeshi labor market to Malaysia. They have done a major loss for the country.

Now they are active again for repetition of the incident by grabbing BAIRA. They want that they would be elected without vote and our panel would not participate in the election.

According to the Malaysian media Star Online source, it was fixed that per head charge of sending workers in Malaysia through 10 agencies should not be higher than 2 thousand Ringgit. But the agents were charging 20 thousand Ringgit from the Bangladeshi workers. Half of the money was going to the hands of that syndicate and in exchange of that they were arranging work permits and air tickets.

In this circumstance Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad said that his government will form an independent committee to start the new system and this committee will recommend after assessing the overall situation.

It was also heard that new rules will be active to appoint workers there.

Later media reports also said that Malaysian government has stopped recruiting workers from Bangladesh.

But Bangladesh’s Labor Councilor appointed in Malaysia Sayedul Islam Mukul said, it is a confusing news. Manpower export to Malaysia is not facing closure. Bilateral relations of the two countries are very good. The new government is going to start unified method for the source countries. The formal declaration will come within a short span of time.

He also suggested for not being confused over the news.

Meanwhile, the combined coordination front has welcomed the new rules of the Malaysian government. They said, what the Malaysian government has declared about new rules to take manpower that will make labor market free from syndicate of 10 agencies. Transparency will return as a result.


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