Income from jute goods export increases 21 percent

Rtv online report
|  06 Jan 2018, 00:00 | Update : 06 Jan 2018, 17:21
In the first six months of current 2017-18 fiscal year that means during the period from last July to December the income from jute and jute goods reached at 57 crore 40 lakh dollars. It is 21.48 percent higher than the same period of last fiscal year.

The information came through the latest analytical report of Export Promotion Bureau (EPB).

According to the EPB report, in the first six months of current 2017-18 fiscal year 8 crore 27 lakh dollars were earned through raw jute export. During the period the income from exporting jute thread and curl jute was 36 crore US dollars and income from exporting jute bag and sack was eight crore 19 lakh dollars. Besides, four crore 90 lakh dollars came from other jute goods and commodities.

Bangladesh exports jute and jute goods to different countries including Egypt, Syria, Turkey and Iran. There is huge demand of jute goods in the middle east countries.

EPB report said, the target of export earnings from jute and jute goods was set at 50 crore 28 lakh dollars in the July to December term. But it was experienced that after completion of first six months of the current fiscal year jute export increased by seven crore dollars or 14.15 percent.

Economists think that the expansion of jute industry is possible again through operating the inactive jute mills. In this regard it needs awareness in the root level from farmers to businessmen as well as government entrepreneurship.

Nasimul Ahsan who is working on for promotion of jute goods said to Rtv online, the demand of jute related commodities is increasing day by day in the world market. Standing at present we have to think freshly about jute industry. We have to work for ensuring quality of jute goods, its branding in the local and international market and for increasing its popularity. Jute industry will go forward if all people and organizations work on to increase its popularity.

He said, most of the small entrepreneurs do not know how to export. To increase jute export they should be given training. Government has to give direction. Besides, initiatives should be taken so that farmers would get the fair price of jute.


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