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Gold prices not to increase

Rtv online report
|  23 Dec 2018, 00:00 | Update : 23 Dec 2018, 21:02
The prices of gold are not going to be increased. Selling and buying of gold will take place in Bangladesh market according to the previous prices. The information came through a source of Bangladesh Jewelry Samity (BAJUS).

The association decided to reinstate the prices on Saturday night.

Earlier at 6 pm on Saturday BAJUS said in a press release, the prices of gold will be increased by one thousand 167 taka per bhori in the local market from Sunday. But the prices of old method gold and silver will remain unchanged.

They said that the prices of gold are going to be increased in country’s market after four months as prices in the international market have increased.

But on Sunday BAJUS sources said, the prices of gold are in downward trend in the international market. So they have moved back from price hike decision. Besides, the decision has been suspended keeping ahead X’mas, national parliament election and new year. That means buyers now can buy gold at the previous prices.

Under the current rate, good quality 22 carat gold is selling at 47 thousand 472 taka per bhori. 21 and 18 carat gold are selling per bhori at 45 thousand 198 taka and 40 thousand 124 taka respectively.

On the other hand, under old method price of gold per bhori is 27 thousand 585 taka and price of silver per bhori is 1 thousand 50 taka.


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