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No banking transaction in this year

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|  27 Dec 2018, 00:00 | Update : 27 Dec 2018, 17:54
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Today (December 27) was the last working day for banking transaction in this year. Banks were also scheduled to finalize their final account of the year 2018.

There will be no opportunity for transaction in the last four days of the year due to weekly holidays, eleventh national parliament election and bank holiday.

From December 28 to 31 subscribers will not be able to make any transaction from the country’s banks. That means they will not be able to do any transaction in this year. But in emergency cases they can withdraw money from booths of the banks.

Two days before the Election Day that means December 28 and 29 (Friday and Saturday) are weekly holidays. Bank holiday will be observed on December 31, the day after the Election Day. Transaction cannot be made on this day. So from December 28 to December 31, in these four days no transaction can be made in the banks throughout the country.

In this regard a direction was issued from Bangladesh Bank’s ‘Department of Offsite Supervision’ to the Managing Directors and Chief Executives of all commercial banks. There it was mentioned that Bank Holiday will be unchanged as usual.

Earlier general holiday was declared on the voting day (December 30).   



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