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Gold price increases after four and half months

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|  15 Jun 2019, 00:00 | Update : 15 Jun 2019, 21:32
Price of gold has increased by one thousand 166 taka per bhori in the local market. As a result to purchase one bhori good quality 22 carat gold one has to pay taka 51 thousand 322 taka. The price is increased after four and half months.

Bangladesh Jewelers Samity in a notice on Thursday informed about increasing the price of gold.

For the first time in Bangladesh the price of platinum is fixed. 23 carat per bhori platinum will be sold at 64 thousand 152 taka, the notice said.

According to Bangladesh Jewelers Samity (BAJUS) source, price of 22 carat gold passed the 50 thousand taka mark on January 10 last year. Later it was decreased and gold was selling below 50 thousand taka per bhori. On January 29 gold price was increase by one thousand 166 taka and passed the 50 thousand taka mark again.

BAJUS declared to sell gold at the rate of 51 thousand 322 taka per bhori from Friday. In 2012 the price of gold went up to nearly 60 thousand taka.

In this regard BAJUS general secretary Dilip Kumar Agarwal said, the price has been increased as the price increased in the international market. Price of gold is in upward trend in the international market. Besides, the price has increased in the local bullion market. We have decided to increase the price considering the overall condition.


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