Capital deficit of 7 banks nearly Tk 9.5 thousand crore

Rtv online desk
|  26 Feb 2018, 00:00 | Update : 26 Feb 2018, 23:35
Finance Minister Abul Maal Abdul Muhith has said, the capital deficit of seven banks is nearly 9.5 thousand crore taka.

The Minister told the parliament this while responding to a query of independent MP Md. Abdul Matin on Monday.

Of the banks four are state-run and three are private banks of the country.

The four state-run banks are Sonali, Rupali, Janata and BASIC Bank and the three private banks are Commerce, Farmers and ICB Islamic Bank.

The Finance Minister said, till the last September the capital deficit of the state-run banks was taka seven thousand 626 crore 23 lakh. And the capital deficit of three private banks was taka one thousand 791 crore 20 lakh.

Muhith informed the House that the capital deficit at the state-run Sonali Bank stood 3 thousand 140 crore 41 lakh taka, taka 689 crore 90 lakh at Rupali Bank, taka 1 thousand 272 crore 93 lakh at Janata Bank and taka 2 thousand 522 crore 99 lakh at BASIC Bank.

Of the three privately-run banks, Bangladesh Commerce Bank Ltd suffers capital crisis of taka 231 crore 31 lakh, The Farmers’ Bank Ltd taka 74 crore 76 lakh and ICB Islamic Bank Ltd taka 1 thousand 485 crore 13 lakh.

About the government’s various measures to address the capital crisis in seven banks, Muhith told the House that the government has already provided taka 10 thousand 272 crore as recapitalizing to those banks in between 2005-06 fiscal to 2016-17 fiscal year.

He said, the provision deficit was taka seven thousand 567 crore 46 lakh in the state owned banks till September 30, 2017. In this period the surplus provision in the private banks was taka one thousand 76 crore 94 lakh. The overall deficit provision was taka six thousand 344 crore 33 lakh.


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